Marketing Partnerships

Remember the last time you had the time to execute a full-blown, multi-channel marketing campaign all on your own?

If the answer to that question is, "No," or better yet, "Are you insane?!" we'd love to see how we can help.


Nearly all our current clients choose us as their full-service marketing department.

What this looks like in action:

‣ Involving all TwoScore strategists to collaborate with credit union leadership on a marketing plan tailored to your brand, members, employees, and objectives.

‣ Execution of all campaigns and initiatives outlined in your marketing plan from start to finish, including complimentary compliance review

‣ Monthly reporting to provide your Board of Directors

‣ Quarterly peer and industry comparison reports

‣ Campaign reporting to measure success

‣ Bi-weekly strategy phone calls

‣ Employee engagement strategies to help you use the biggest asset at your disposal...your employees


We thrive on helping committed, forward-thinking credit unions tell their unique stories.


Brand Articulations

You have a name you love that resonates with your staff, board, and membership. You share your message every way you can to remind others of your commitment to helping people succeed financially.

...but is something about your brand just not landing with people?

It's important that the unique story behind your brand and the visual elements match in order to build trust with the people you're trying to reach. Through our unique Brand Articulation process, we'll work one-on-one with your staff to help you breathe new life into your brand, honing in on:

‣ Colors, fonts, photos, and other visual elements that best represent your credit union

‣ Brand attributes

‣ Core values

‣ Messaging and target audience

‣ How to use all of the above in crafting marketing campaigns and communications that will resonate


Strategic Planning Sessions

We draw on our many years of industry expertise to examine your trends, ask challenging questions, and align your management team around future organizational objectives.



In need of extra hands on deck for an upcoming project? We're happy to help with the following projects:

‣ Annual meeting planning and material development

‣ Data processing conversion plans and material development

‣ Charter expansion marketing plans and/or material development

‣ Anniversary celebration campaigns and events

‣ Merger communication plans and material development

‣ Business development onsite visit and/or community event promotion

‣ New product launches

‣ New website development and communications

‣ Fraud/data breach communication plan and material development