What Makes TwoScore Different?

While there are many marketing firms doing great work within the credit union space, there is a lot that sets TwoScore apart from the rest, including several value-added benefits that are provided to all of our clients at NO added cost:

  • Compliance review from Messick Lauer & Smith law firm for all marketing campaigns

  • Peer reports, custom data and analytics from Callahan & Associates

  • Employee engagement strategies to help clients use the biggest asset at their disposal...their employees!

Something else that sets us apart is the fact that we are ALL former credit union marketers and, in fact, many of us have also worked in frontline positions, such as receptionist, branch supervisor and tellers. This gives us a unique understanding of the demands placed on executive leadership to demonstrate growth and the daily challenges that affect member-facing staff.

TwoScore is about ready to celebrate it's FIFTH birthday! We were founded for and work exclusively with small and mid-sized credit unions...none of our clients exceeds $150 million in assets.

Lastly, you won’t find any cookie cutters here! All of our marketing plans are completely customized to your credit union's members, brand and goals. We are passionate about brand and culture, and that is why we are constantly assessing and continually working to refine our clients' brands.

Would you like to learn more about how your credit union can achieve great results while working with a team that is passionate about helping your credit union thrive? Contact us today!

Amanda ElkinsComment