10 Tips for Busy Credit Union Marketers

A day in the life of a credit union marketer can bring anything from assembling a trade show booth display, to dealing with the fallout from a down website, to crafting a response for a negative online review... and that's just the tip of the iceberg! With credit union marketers having so many roles, it's easy to feel like your hair is perpetually on fire (and no, that's not the latest hair trend). Here are 10 tips for busy credit union marketers to keep your productivity and confidence high and your stress level low:

  1. Slow down. Having a full plate at work creates a heightened sense of urgency in your projects, which leads to rushing and, unfortunately, more mistakes. Fixing those mistakes then takes your most valuable resource – time! While slowing down can feel counterintuitive, tackling your to-do list with intention leads to less time spent correcting errors.
  2. Automate your social media. While it’s important to build time in your schedule each day to monitor how your credit union is performing on social, use an automation tool like Buffer, CoSchedule, or Hootsuite to schedule posts in advance. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter also allow for easy pre-scheduling. Taking a few hours to schedule content upfront means there is less of a chance you’ll get sucked down a social media vortex each day. Plus, one less thing to do on your daily to-do list!
  3. Keep track of content as you go. Speaking of social, use a tool like Pocket as you peruse articles online. Part of credit union marketing involves sharing valuable content with members; like Pinterest for content, Pocket allows you to save articles you stumble across if you're ever stuck on what to post online. 
  4. Consider using a project management tool to keep organized. At TwoScore, we use Basecamp and we'll never look back. This free tool is your to-do list on steroids, keeping you and your team in the loop with all the happenings of your marketing department. 
  5. Use Canva to make graphic design easier and faster. Canva is a free online tool that makes graphic design quick and easy. The best way to describe it is if Microsoft Word and Adobe Illustrator joined forces. It's intuitive to use but has many of the options of more sophisticated programs. The website's free templates are perfect for creating social posts or internal communication pieces. AND you can use it to make!
  6. Keep it to six. Avoid to-do list overwhelm by beginning each day with a list of your top six priorities. That gives you roughly an hour for each priority, plus time for lunch, emails, and any "fires" that may pop up. And you'll feel like a rockstar when you achieve everything on your priority list!
  7. Organize your passwords. Oh, the number of hours we spend rifling through old planners for passwords or going through the resetting process. Use an online tool like Passpack to safely and securely store all your passwords in one easily accessible location. 
  8. Remember that it's never rude to take time for yourself. Between meetings, calls, email notifications, and chatty co-workers, your office can sometimes feel like one giant distraction instead of a hub for productivity. Don't be afraid of how others will perceive you if you only check email twice a day or close your office door from time to time. Staying focused and giving yourself some "me time" is a key component of time management. 
  9. Done is always better than perfect. A project can never be perfect, but it can be finished. While it's important to give tasks your all, it's also important to avoid wasting time continuing to tweak minute details in the name of getting it "perfect." 
  10. Know when to ask for help. Sometimes you can't know and do it all, and that's okay. We're all just humans doing the best we can with the resources we have. If a paid tool or subscription will help make your job easier, ask if it can be implemented in your department. After all, when you're successful, so is the credit union! And while TwoScore serves as a full-service marketing agency for small and mid-sized credit unions across the country, we also work with credit union marketers to help position their department as an organizational profit center. Click below to connect and learn more about what a marketing partnership with TwoScore entails.